12 August 2010


Some more steel train photos. This one is XW4 from a week ago.

I just can't help myself when the lighting is nice!!

As usual, the steel train follows the pass from Moss Vale. The house behind the train is current for sale if anyone is interested.

Leading the train was a very fresh NR61

RKLY 20841 with a freshly repainted butter box lid.

NQFF 21552? with DMC jumco coil containers.

NQFF 21525? with butter boxes. The lead one is fitted with a grey lid.

RCDX 21 with a variation to the usual large PN logo in the middle and databoard on the left.

RQRY 1135 with ord in coil container RIC 012. It is expected that the 65 RQRY wagons will all be in dedicated rod in coil traffic and the RCWF/NCWF wagons will be retired (finally!!). These RIC containers are multipurpose and can carry various loads, similar to the RKHF and RKEF wagons.

Freshly painted RKLY 20262 with a yellow side sill.

Rebuilt not so long ago as RKLYs, this group were painted dark PN blue. This one is RKLY 20232.

ROKX 3002 with a new end and corner section still in primer. I believe this may have been a repair after the big derailment at Spencer Junction a few months back. The end looks to be non standard in design.

RQCX 995 with a pair of grey butter boxes.

RRKY 3049 with a pair of butter boxes.


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