25 August 2010

Some 60ft Action

XW4 last week

Taken with a very short focal length, XW4 powers out of the shadows.

RQFX 5E (16/8) with a recently repainted grey coil container. Based on observations, the internal base of these containers is a flat deck, where as the orange containers are made for coil. The flat deck grey containers can be used to carry copper cathodes to Port Kembla.

A rare ROCY (34790) graces the rails, loaded with 7 x 2-piece YMC bogie frames. I recall seeing this wagon previously with bogie frames.

An NQFF with jumco coil container - note the cradle is over the bogies.

An RQMF with the same type of container but the cradles are over the middle of the deck.

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