11 August 2010


Some photos of PS6 from last week.

It was dissapointing to be clouded out, but I took a record shot of the combo - Stars/IP/Stars.

RLSY 18671 in a grey coat with modified doors.

RLSY 18653 in faded PN with a well weathered roof!

Still looking respectable in indian red, RLSY 18746.

Possibly a recent re-activation - RLUY 18720.

RQCY 831 (or maybe 631). About 40 of these RQCYs remain in service with PN Intermodal.

Now a SCF 48ft container, this container was previously leased or owned by another company. I have no photos to suggest who it may have been so any info would be wonderful.

A new K&S container KTL 40101.

Former FCL 48ft container is now ISHU 480156. The containers on either side are the same but have been painted green.
http://wagonfreak.blogspot.com/2010/07/pine-tree-hill.html On this previous post I said it may have been a Linfox/Boxcar container, but it seems they were FCL boxes.

Cooltainers CTAU 408013. Cooltainers is a NZ company.

CEVA curtainer sided container 3NW932

A BOC container and a load of pipes are locked onto RQKY 2375

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