12 August 2010

SCT 'Timber' Wagons

A modelling request from Norm Chapple prompted me to post these shots. What else is there to do on a Thursday night!!

The photos are posted in a sort of chronological sequence. SCT started running timber on standard VQCY wagons a few years back, then things started to progress. Follow the photo story below.

VQCYs were originally used to carry wrapped timber. A gate at each end provided some security, and the load usually didn't exceed the plate A loading gauge of 4270mm high.

Lease CQBY wagons were also unsed up until mid 2009. As they were skeletal, SCT fitted a 60ft flat rack over the deck to make it a solid floor. The sides were fully gates to provide load security. The wagons were loaded at the Islington terminal off the concrete pad.

The VQCYs were upgraded in 2009/2010 with 70t bogies and various other items such as truck style tie down nylon straps. The tie down rail was probably also renewed. Large bulkheads were also fitted. They were recoded PQCY.

PQCY shown here is fitted with tie down straps and a new tie rail on the side sill. Some tie rails are painted white.

Two shots showing the deisgn of the bulk head. They are secured to the wagon deck by four posts inserted into tubes on the end of the deck. The bulkheads are secured by a safety chain on either side. The bulkheads are made from large C channel steel and are covered with a steel square mesh. Based on some estimates, I believe the top of the bulkhead is about 4500mm from the rail head. The angled section on each corner starts around the 4100mm mark.

A close up of the gates and the end pockets. The safety chain comes to the inner axle.

Nothing specific in this shot - Might be better if I could tell you the exact height of the container on the right. The wagon deck height is about 1100mm from rail height.

This comparison is a little better with the van. The van total height would be around 4200-4250mm I beleive.

A loaded PQCY in service. As the tarps are probably original, they are a little short for the much taller load these days.

Another laoded PQCY with a mixed load of packaged timber.
Some of the former RMX type wagons have also been converted to carry timber. The first ones were simply RQMY/PQMY, but these are now PQTY (T=Timber).

A loaded PQTY. Note these types of wagons do not have the safety chains but a steel flat bar connecting about the inner axle at each end.

This photo gives an indication of the height. The wagon is about 1150mm and the container would be about 2900mm. The steel safety bars are hanging down, probably to allow the container to be loaded easily.

A full wagon shot of the above.

The other end - This is attached to a CQBY wagons on the left. Note the gates are strapped down, being returned for another load. This was my first sighting of a SCT timber wagon, and this photo was taken in June 2008 at Port Augusta.

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