16 February 2012

POTA BG Wagons

The POTA 'Rice' train from Melbourne to Deniliquin has an interesting assortment of container wagons - all sourced from CFCLA and GWA.  Below is a good assortment of the mix on the train.

 AFGF 19 and 3 - The colours cary on these wagons.  Not sure the origins of the all black sides.

 AFGF 17

AFGF 1627 in AN green. 

AFGF 1639 in CR red. 

Cut down AOOX, AQPY 4009 with the standard orange side sills.  Many once had yellow side sills. 

ANother former SA wagon - CQOY 2197. 

With Victorian origins, CQRX 317 still carries Metro stickers.


1 comment:

  1. I believe the wagons in the first two photos are former SAR O/OB open wagons, this photo from Norm Bray's site http://www.flickr.com/photos/60901191@N08/5718352846 I suspect is AFGF 17 in it's former life.