04 December 2015


With the announcement of Auscision releasing the 442 "Jumbo", I thought I would put together a few photos dating back as far as 2003, and as recent as a month ago.  

I have a few prints from 2000-2003 which, if I can find, will scan and post.  

Triple JLs on Lachlan Valley 4168 from Sandgate (2003)

JL402 shunting Braemar.

JL404 at Port Botany.  A brilliant scheme on this loco!

A well worn 442 and 600 through Mittagong.

Coote 442S1 and HL203 in the back platform at Goulburn.

442S6 between an RL and MZ.

Running with Espee is 44208.

44209 in the GL style livery.

442s5 shunting Goulburn

Qube 44202 sits in Broadmeadow Yard.

44202 just out of the paint shop at Cardiff in 2013.

Named after the man himself!


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