24 September 2022

Fletcher Diversion

Shot a diverted Fletcher / SSR service on the south a few weeks ago.

The usual triple FIE locos leading a healthy sized train.  FIE004 is due to debut in October as an additional loco the the Dubbo to Sydney freight task.

While a lot of the freight is frozen lamb, some of the meat is chilled to -1c, so needs constant power to maintain the right temp.  To do this, a generator in a container is used to supply power.  Here is GEN002 powering a couple of 22R1 reefers on wagon FRAY 04.

GEN002, a converted 22G1 container with a genset mounted inside.

Isn't this adorable?  Cosco Shipping marked 22R1 reefer.

Former Hanjin 22G1 box, now owned by Triton and marked as TLLU.



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